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We are a 40 plus couple and this page is about her showing her beautiful body. So for all of you under the age of 18 sorry You got to go. Along with the pictures of her beautiful body I will repost others. Again guys if you got this far
If you happen to be a couple and your dick happens to get in the picture then I will deal with it. So with that being said enjoy my beautiful girlfriend and remember to not only like her but repost her.

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NSFW ~ We are Mr. and Mrs. We have four kids, are in our mid/late 30's, married 11 years, madly in love & we still fuck a lot. Closet case exhibitionists. This is our dirty love journal. We're not swingers and we are not a cuckold couple. Feel free to ask us questions or requests via our 'ask us shit' box. Sorry, no kik, snapchat, etc, etc.

Cream pie from yesterday morning. I filled the Wife up real good after she squirted her brains out the night before. She is such a good woman letting Daddy have another go at her before leaving for work. She loves to please me and I love to please her.Took a video of my juicy cum load dripping out of her lovely V. Would you like to see it? Let us know by showing us some love, comments or re-blogs. ~ Hubby💦💦

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Was in a mood to play..started with telling him to put his nice freshly shaved face between my legs..just where it belongs..and finished with that milky white creampie…mmmmm.